The Road

Deep in the hills of recovery, I see myself, I see a road, a road that only I can walk. These hills are a journey, a road that is difficult – but far more beautiful than any other highway. It is at the very heart that surpasses neurological pathways that may lead my thoughts astray. It is at the heart, the very ventricle that chambers my recovery. It is the journey from which yearning, desire, and need that arises from a relationship with God.

  • Recovery is not a head thing, but a heart thing. It is not a flesh thing – but a spiritual thing

We see people pass, we see people exit our lives, whether we loaded or not it always happens, and yes, our time will also approach as certain today is today and yesterday has past.

There is a glimmer of hope that is within. The glimmer of hope can be lit with the acceptance of Jesus Christ.

People are religious because they fear Hell- I am spiritual because I have been there