September 2, 2017


The Courses or Steps as we may refer to are based on the NA & AA 12 step programme. It is the foundation of the steps which runs concurrently with spiritual and psychological processes.


All the 12 Steps are extremely important, although a we put huge emphasis on the first 3. Any good house is built on a solid foundation!


Step 1

“We admitted we were powerless over our addiction, that our lives had become unmanageable.”


Step 2

“Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”


Step 3

“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over the care of God as we understood Him.”


They are based on a month to month subscription, which will include:

  • Complete ANONYMITY.
  • Weekly lessons ( Steps ) / assignments.
  • 1 FREE counseling session every week by your assigned counselor.
  • More sessions can be booked at additional cost.
  • Live / webcast / Youtube lectures ( we have over 80 lectures to offer ).
  • Our roadmap includes Group Therapy Sessions.
  • Spiritual leadership or guidance
  • The possibility  with the digital world today is endless!

If you wish to see a more indepth description of our Steps, please click on the picture below to be redirected to our registration page.


References: Alcoholic & Narcotics Anonymous “Copyright ~ 1998, World Service Office, Inc”
These worksheets are not officially produced or approved by Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous.