Silent Moment

There is a silent moment in our lives that displays its very nature of desire. Desire is the need to move forward, and the need to be able to change.


There is a substantial amount of thinking that you need to do if you want your life on track.


All the answers you seek are within you.


All you need to do is to made an irrevocable decision.


Decide now, or continue living a mediocre life, with bad decisions, and a psychological drainage of hustle just to get a next fix.


Have you ever thought of exactly how your loved ones think, how they feel, or even what they need. I bet that it is not watching your demise.

I remember my family wishing that i was dead just so that they did not need to stress anymore.


Can you relate. Would you like to go to jail? been there already? well now- this is a disease that is cunning, powerful, and so baffling. Let us all just catch a wake up.

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