The Real Fight Club

How long does one need to be cornered, stagnant, or oppressed before they fight back and take what is their’s? This is not a negotiation, this is war.

Take what is yours, sacrifice is an understatement, the enemy is not behind you, it is in front of you. Chase down what you really want. Yesterday does not matter, last month does not matter, Here and Now…This is what matters.

Everything needs a root, a seed, and a foundation- Courage gives you a platform to start on.

Fear is not an option, but gratitude is taking the courage to saying yes. Life is an opportunity – but self-imposed slavery is not.

“All of the buildings, all of the cars, were once just a dream is somebodies head”- P. Gabriel

Allow yourself to take the courage to say yes to life, your family, your worth, say yes to your value, and say yes to transformation.

We may have failed a million times, but if so – why not be the blade upon which its maker is aiming for pure reflection through impurities.

Impossible is temporary- as goes your mind, so the world goes around you.

This is an invitation to begin again… The question is how you are going to do that- Recovery Online

You cannot begin again by keeping on reading the last chapter in your life. This is the real fight club.

(WorldWithin, n.d)