If people really knew me… 2009

If people really knew me

So the first time i went to treatment I got tasked with the following task…

I had to write a piece on, If people really knew me, they would know that….

The reason behind this was that I had such a bad self image and esteem that i really had no idea who I really was.

Insecure, lost, broken and hopeless. I bottled up all my emotions and continuously tried to numb it all with Drugs, Sex and Alcohol…

So my question today is… What is that which you choose to hide within yourself?

Is it keeping you sick ( in addiction )?

Does it have a negative impact on your life and wellbeing?

These were the questions that I had to ask myself!

Did I really know who I am?

So this is what I wrote

If people really knew me

If people really knew me

If you or someone that you love can relate to this letter I had to write,

please click on the picture below!!

If people really knew me