Food for Thought

The exploration of time, space, and of coarse everything that is outside of who we are.

The possibility and the price to pay to find yourself seems to be astronomical these days. If everything outside of you defines you, then who are we when everything gets taken away?

         Who are you?

          If you know who you are, then you know who you are not. If you do not know who you are      then anyone can ascribe any value or identity to you. Now you wander how you can be 12 people in 1 week.

Is there something that can put words to that feeling of describing a holiday with your family, or that sense of home, or that what those times smell like? And just when you think you have forgotten, the fragrance of today illuminates a moment, illuminates time, and illuminates glimpses of your life-when you remember being satisfied.

What are the barriers of time and space that stop me from reaching you. After all, I am in an office in South Africa, thinking about what you could be, by all expressions of the term.