Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment comes in many shapes and sizes…

Our approach is, that we take in consideration the current situation of every person that requires help. We know that we need to live life on life’s terms, and that it is not always possible to abandon everything in your life to go to a facility for an amount of time. Yes detox is important and we will always support that!

Our program is designed with the need of every unique individual in mind.

What works for “Sally” won’t necessarily work for “Susan”. Each individual’s circumstances is different, hence should be their treatment program be!

Every day more than 100 people die from a drug overdose. If you are surprised by this number, consider the fact that it is getting worse. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fatal drug overdoses have doubled in the last fifteen years. In fact, deaths from drug overdose are more common than any other form of accidental death. The many dangers that come with substance abuse are the reasons you should know the importance of a drug treatment program.

If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, you know that substance abuse is a very serious problem. No one wants to struggle with addiction, but every year there are thousands more men and women who realize that their substance use has gotten out of control and they need help. If you or a loved one are using alcohol or drugs, you are probably wondering what to do about getting help.

Most people in this situation will be looking for a drug treatment program.

But taking time of off my daily life and responsibilities just isn’t possible, you may be thinking….

But, if you know anything about the statistics, you will be worried that the program won’t work and the individual will relapse. Unfortunately realistically, almost 65% of all substance abusers will relapse.

But….. that is not the end of the world…

How can you say that??

With our program you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to our program!! And in the unlikely event of relapse, we are still here for you!

I have gone to treatment centres, short term, and long term, and it has always been a struggle after I  have left to find support from them… – Anonymous


We know that choosing the right Addiction Treatment is important!


That is why we have developed this program for addiction treatment! Everything we offer has been tested, and it works!

Most people know that drug and alcohol use affects nearly every domain in an individual’s life. It changes relationships, affects work, causes mental health problems and certainly can lower confidence and self-esteem.

We will look carefully at every area in your life and help you sort through how it has been damaged by abusing drugs/or alcohol. Then we will work with you to build a treatment plan around these issues.

There is a way out! It starts with taking that FIRST step of faith and trying something different! Nothing changes if nothing changes….

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