Step 4 – Inventory

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Step 4 – Inventory

Do I Really Need To Do A Moral Inventory?

Many thoughts will race through your head as you approach the time that you need to approach the Fourth Step of AA. You know that you need to do it, and your sponsor is telling you that you need to do it, and those in your homegroup are telling you do it–yet you may find yourself saying do I really need to do a Fourth Step inventory? The truth is you don’t have to, but in not doing so you aren’t going to grow in your recovery. You will continue to be hung up on the attitudes and events that have kept you stuck in your substance abuse.

A personal inventory is crucial to understanding how you are going to grow spiritually in your recovery. In working the Fourth Step of Alcoholics Anonymous, you have to make decisions regards what parts of your character you want to retain and emphasize and which parts should be modified or discarded entirely. As stated earlier, you need to dig deep to the roots of your addiction and examine the reasons why you had taken the path that led you to abuse alcohol.

By fully performing a moral inventory, you are confronting and assessing the full extent of your addiction. By doing so, you will learn more about the severity of your substance abuse, and you may discover any other addictions that have compounded your life further. Additionally, you are looking back at how your relationships with the people that you love and trust have been compromised as a result of your addiction. This can include parents, teachers, mentors, friends and those romantic interests. You must inventory all the ways you have hurt them and hurt yourself. It is hard but very doable.